Please note this agenda is a work in progress and that session titles and descriptions will be updated as we get them from our pawsome line-up of speakers!

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Ann Marie Hoff

Animal intuitive medium/artist
Tucson, Arizona Area
Animal Communication, Painting & Sculpture of pets, GotBalls4Pets? Fundraiser for Spay/Neuter,
My Beautiful Cat Samson who is an influencer
My 2 Bichons Gracie & Luice
Wednesday, June 22

1:00pm MDT

3:00pm MDT

6:30pm MDT

Thursday, June 23

12:00pm MDT

1:00pm MDT

2:00pm MDT

3:30pm MDT

5:00pm MDT

6:15pm MDT

7:00pm MDT

Friday, June 24

8:00am MDT

Saturday, June 25

7:30am MDT

8:00am MDT

8:30am MDT

9:00am MDT

10:30am MDT

12:00pm MDT

2:30pm MDT

5:00pm MDT

6:00pm MDT

8:00pm MDT