Please note this agenda is a work in progress and that session titles and descriptions will be updated as we get them from our pawsome line-up of speakers!

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Jane Brunt

CATalyst Council
Executive Director
Annapolis, MD and anywhere we can help companion cats!
I'm a cat veterinarian who loves cats and know that many more than I can physically touch can have better lives when they're in caring and enriched homes. CATalyst Council (http://catalystcouncil.org) connects and collaborates to advance the health, welfare and value of companion cats by providing proven programs and evidence-based educational materials, especially those that help animal shelters and veterinarians work together in their own communities through our Catalyst Connection initiative (http://catalystcouncil.org/connection).

I'm more interested in hearing your ideas that will help us celebrate the many "CATtributes" of our feline families, and reframe and redirect misperceptions like "cats can take care of themselves"- because they DO need us!

My dog, however, thinks my cats need HIM...